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Globally, sweet potato production and consumption already is significant.  Sweet potatoes are a staple crop in Haiti. Haiti ranks 55th among the world’s 196 nations in sweet potato yields, compared to its 146th ranking in size, indicating Haiti’s solid appreciation for the crop. But, with all the starvation around the world, there’s great need for many more sweet potatoes in Haiti and globally.   

To help the global poor in combating starvation and increasing income, additional small-scale farming and household production will be needed! The production  data  below illustrates the univeral appeal of the sweet potato. 

All around the world, people eat and use this superfood -- including its plant leaves and roots -- but the need for greater sweet potato harvests is significant:

* The sweet potato has universal appeal as it is cultivated in more than 100 developing countries.

* Haiti ranks 55th in the world for Sweet Potato Production out of 196 countries, compared to its relative ranking of 146 in size as a nation

* Globally, 260,000,000,000 pounds are harvested annually,indicative of adoption, yet the supply is still far too insufficient to meet demand and stem starvation

* Sweet potatoes grow well in many farming conditions including poor soils

* Sweet potato ranks among the world's 7 most important food crops(along with wheat, rice, maize, potato, barley, and cassava)

* Sweet potato farming is recognized for the ability to improve incomes and food security among the poorer segments of a rural population

* Sweet potato is recognized as a good small-farmer/small-household crop, and small/household farming is recognized as a critical issue for global development and food security

* Farm households make processed foods (starch, noodles, candy, desserts, flour); this diversifies the use and increases the crop's value

* Over 95% of the global crop is produced in developing countries

Haiti Sweet Potato Production Is Growing, Indicative Of Its Appeal And Value



One example regarding sweet potato's appeal: demand for sweet potatoes in Kenya has soared as its popularity as a healthy food has grown. In some areas, farmers are not able to meet demand and some are abandoning traditional staple crops to grow sweet potatoes. However, there's a bit of a problem: consumers perceive it as primarily a snack and not as a main dish. (Website author's note: Little wonder, they taste SO good.)  This perception is an important barrier to increased sweet potato consumption and hence production. “Mostly, people buy potatoes to roast or boil and eat them as snacks."


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